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Project Graduation

History and Volunteer Opportunities

In 1987-88, over 28 years ago Boca Raton Community High School had the vision to provide a safe and fun environment for their high school senior’s graduation night, by throwing an all night party that has become the envy of the region. Statistics consistently show that graduation night has the highest death and accident rates for high school seniors. BRCHS is lucky to have a dedicated team of volunteers that work all year long to make this all night supervised senior event a smashing success.

Although Project Graduation benefits the graduating class each year, the underclassmen’s parents are strongly encouraged (and are very much needed) to get involved starting their student’s freshman year.

Project Graduation festivities start at 9:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 a.m. These 9 hours are guaranteed to be filled with the most amazing activities that the seniors will be talking about for years to come. The actual check in time is between 9 -10:30 p.m., however, the later the senior arrives, the more they will miss. Students are not permitted to depart until 6:00 a.m. so as to keep all party attendees safe. The theme of the night and its events are new every year and are a surprise to the graduating class. The decorations are made by our parent volunteers that WOW w/ amazement ALL that attend. The event consists of music, games, prizes, food and drinks, entertainment and activities that will keep even the most jaded seniors entertained.

Past BRCHS graduates have been quoted saying………

“This is the best night ever!”

“Thanks, Mom!”

“This was better than Grad Nite (Disney), hands down!”

“Wow, this is awesome!”

“Do we have to leave?”

“When does this (event) close?”

Prizes are awarded (including but not limited to: bicycles, bedding, TVs, DVDs, i-pods, i-pads, money, microwaves, refrigerators and gift cards) during the breakfast hour and before the closing of Project Graduation.

Food and drinks are provided from the moment the seniors arrive to the moment that they leave. (Over 20 food vendors generously donate to Project Graduation)

Senior parents are encouraged to plan their family graduation celebrations to brunch prior to the graduation ceremony or to plan another celebration day allowing their senior the full advantage of the evening’s events.

Project Graduation costs a minimum of $30,000 and is funded by corporate and parent donations as well as yearly fundraising. The fundraising historically consist of monies donated by the auction committee, pizza sales, garage sale proceeds, car wash proceeds and assistance from the Boca Community and beyond.

The Project Graduation team usually meets once a month starting in September.

Volunteers and donations are always needed and appreciated.

Sheena Wehr, Project Grad Faculty Advisor,

Laurie Applewhite, Project Grad Chair,

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