In light of the tragic event that happened at Douglas High School, everyone has their own opinion on what needs to change to prevent another incident like this from happening again. On Friday March 16th, students will have the ability to participate in a Walk-a-Thon to raise money for charities and organizations that work towards supporting mental health assistance through low-cost counseling, raising awareness for gun legislation reform. school safety, and helping those who were affected by the shooting that happened at Douglas High School, just a few minutes away from Boca High. This event gives students the ability to become an active member of their community, voice their own opinion on the subject matter, and enact direct change through their own action, while being in a safe environment coupled with the support of our outstanding school administrators. Starting on Monday March 4th, student can sign up for the event and begin reaching out to family, friends, and local business to sponsor them in walking 17 laps in 1.7 hours. For updates and more information about the event, come to the table outside of the principles conference room everyday during lunch or check out the bobcat news website.